Our KF94 Masks are made of synthetic fibres which vary in size and are randomly arranged throughout the 4-layer filters. This random arrangement of the fibres attracts particles of all sizes. Blocking a minimum of 94% of microparticles. In fact, independent testing shows our KF94 Masks average over 99% filtration efficiency.
Fibres are not the only factor in filtration. The large, 3D-shaped surface area of our KF94 Mask, combined with a premium nose bar and strong yet soft elastic ear-loops create a tight fit around the edges of the mask, further enhancing filtration efficiency.
Furthermore, the 3D structure of our KF94 Mask provides for the formation of a large breathing zone around your nostrils and mouth. This large breathing zone creates a mask that is extremely comfortable for all-day wear but increases the chances microparticles will be collected by the filters.