How does the Good Manner Premier Defence Mask compare with other face masks available on the market?

The Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Mask is a top-quality medical grade mask and therefore does not compare with typical cloth masks which provide minimal protection.

Compared against other masks in the healthcare section, the Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Mask is a full Health Canada approved and United States FDA registered N95 substantial equivalent. It blocks a minimum of 94% of microparticles while allowing comfortable air flow. In fact, independent testing showed the Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Mask averaged over 99% filtration efficiency.

The Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Mask is essentially one of the safest masks available anywhere and is available to both the healthcare industry as well as the general public.


Is the Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Mask NIOSH approved?

No, the Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Mask is not a NIOSH approved mask. All NIOSH approved masks have a double band running behind the wearer’s head. The Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Mask utilizes soft and comfortable elastic ear-loops.


Do the masks contain graphene?

Our masks DO NOT contain graphene or any other chemicals. Our masks are hypoallergenic. The Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Masks is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory to ensure it meets the highest of testing and quality standards.


Is the mask reusable?

In accordance with Health Canada guidance concerning medical masks, the Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Mask is intended for single use only. We suggest it can be used for (8) 1-hour trips to the grocery store or (1) 8-hour workday.


Do the masks come individually packaged?

In order to maintain the highest level of sterility, each Good Manner KF94 Premier Defence Mask is individually packed.


What currency will my ordered be billed in?

All orders will be billed in Canadian Dollars.


How soon will my masks ship after I place my order?

We process, pack and ship orders 7 days a week. Generally, before 2 pm EST (GMT-5) will process and handed off to Canada Post or UPS the same-day from our warehouses located in the Greater Toronto Area.

If you see a product available on our web site, it means it is in our warehouse and ready for immediate shipping.


How fast after my masks arrive after shipping?

Due to increase domestic shipping volume and COVID-19 protection measures put in place by our shipping/carrier partners, delivery times may be longer than normal. Please contact us if you have any further questions. For more details on these important safety measures please visit Canada Post.

Various shipping service levels are available at check-out. Good Manner Canada Inc. is not responsible for lost mail. 

Expedited and Express shipping is available for a small fee (determined by Canada Post or UPS at check-out) and provides tracking details.

For all wholesale/bulk order, shipping details will be finalized prior to dispatch.


Do you offer special pricing to first responders, schools and essential healthcare workers?

Yes. Please contact us from your business email for special industry pricing.


I want to place a bulk order. Is there a sales representative with whom I can speak with directly?

Yes. Please contact us via email and we will be able to assist you with your request.


What is your return/refund policy?

Due to obvious hygienic and sterility reasons, all orders are considered a final sale and no returns or refunds will be accepted.


What is our relationship to the factory in South Korea?

We are an authorized distributor of Good Manner Masks, manufactured by Handa Health Care Co., Ltd) in South Korea. Consumers should be aware that many websites are utilizing fraudulent distribution letters and falsified names in an attempt to legitimize fraudulent products. As an authorized reseller, we will remedy any order that fails to live up to the quality control guarantee and will replace or refund a customer.