As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, we used our global network of contacts to identify and source the best PPE (personal protective equipment) available and bring that product to Canada in order to help fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

During our search, we had two rules. The first rule was the PPE must provide tested and proven protection. The second rule was the PPE must be comfortable and wearable for all-day and daily use.

From the first time we tested our KF94 Mask we knew we had found something special. Our KF94 mask is manufactured in South Korea using unparalleled technology and construction that makes the mask exceptionally comfortable to wear and breathe through, while providing 3rd-party laboratory tested maximum protection against bacterial infection. But we did not stop there. We made sure our KF94 Mask was not only authorized for sale by Health Canada but also had United States FDA clearance, before making it available to Canadians.

A new generation of masks has arrived. Now is the time to choose a better form of everyday protection for you and your family.