Which Style Of Mask Offers The Best Protection From COVID-19?

Which style of mask offers the best protection from COVID-19, a surgical mask or a cloth mask? The answer: a KF94 mask?

Well, that wasn’t fair. A KF94 mask or more accurately, a KF94 particulate respirator will filter a minimum of 94% of microparticles. In fact, 3rd party testing has shown KF94 masks to have an effective filtration rate of over 98%.

As mask-wearing has become a requirement for daily life across the world, the type of mask people are wearing (or not wearing) has become critically important. While most doctors and scientists will agree wearing any mask is better than wearing no mask at all, it was recently concluded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Protections (CDC) in a published peer-reviewed journal, “the filtration, effectiveness, fit and performance of cloth masks are inferior to those of medical masks and respirators.” Later adding, cloth masks could provide users with a “false sense of protection.” (1)

The lack of filtration effectiveness of both cloth and surgical masks, was further quantified in a peer-reviewed study conducted at the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine. The study found the best cloth masks were able to provide a filtration rate of 79%. While surgical masks only provided a filtration rate between 62% to 65%. (2)

KF94 face mask COVID-19 coronavirus Canada pandemic

Clearly, both cloth and surgical masks fall short in providing anywhere close to the level of protection offered by KF94 mask. If you are looking to provide you and your family with the highest level of protections against the coronavirus, look no further than a Health Canada and FDA-Approved KF94 mask.

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