Super Spreader Event at Starbucks Location – Employees Protected by KF94 Masks

Company Praised For Providing Employees With PPE

At least 66 cases of COVID-19 have been linked to a single Starbuck location in Paju, a city north of Seoul, South Korea. According to South Korean news reports, most customers were not wearing masks while inside the store. All four employees working at the time have tested negative for the coronavirus.

The Starbucks infections have been traced to a woman who sat in the location for around two hours. New reports have also confirmed all the employees were wearing KF94 masks, which provide protection as effective as N95 masks.

The fact the employees of the Paju Starbucks were uninfected is a testament to how effective KF94 masks can be, even when those around you are not wearing a mask. The Starbucks spread shows how contagious COVID-19 can be, especially in indoor spaces and especially when proper mask-wearing protocols are not being followed.