How To Choose A Face Mask?

Wearing a mask while out in public was once considered overkill. Now, expects say wearing a face mask is a necessity, if not the law in most reasons. Since people could have the coronavirus and not show any symptoms, anyone who is physically able to wear a mask is strongly encouraged to do so. In an effort to keep everyone safe, here is a list of the most important features to look for when choosing a mask.


Mask Type and Filtration Efficiency

Wearing any mask is better than not wearing one. However, every mask has a different level of filtration and protection. Cloth masks maybe very practical but require washing after every use. Additionally, the often do not have enough levels to offer any true filtration in order to protect the wear. Some people have decided plastic face shield are an option, however expects recommend them online in addition to another type of face covering. On the other end of the spectrum, N95 masks are the absolute best. However, they are very hard to find and are expensive.

Masks with similar properties to N95’s, such as KF94 masks that carry a Health Canada approval and are FDA certified are a terrific option as they are a N95 substantial equivalent. Approved KF94 masks have a class one medical device license and provide medical grade protection against viral infection.


Breathability Is Important

A face mask has good breathability when the wearer’s breath is allowed to filter through the material. If it’s too dense, air escapes out the sides and does not let the mask function properly. In order for the mask to do its’ job, the mask has to catch water droplets from coughs, sneezes and speaking. Look for a mask that has a 3D shape that creates a large breathing zone. This large breathing zone creates a mask that is extremely comfortable for all-day wear but increases the chances microparticles will be collected by the filters.


Disposable Mask Are Convenient

Disposable masks are very practical as they can be replaced after each use. Instead of having to wash a cloth mask after every time you wear it, you simply get rid of it and replace it with a fresh one. Replacing a worn disposable mask for a new one, especially if the mask is individually packed, helps aid in sterility and prevent accidental contamination.


Medical Grade Protection For Everyone

N95 masks worn by healthcare workers are the most effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19. Now you can get the same level protection for you and your family. The Goodmanner Premier Defence Mask is a Health Canada approved and FDA Certified N95 substantial equivalent. It blocks a minimum of 94% of microparticles while allowing comfortable air flow. In fact, independent testing showed the Goodmanner Premier Defence Mask averaged over 98% filtration efficiency.


The Goodmanner Premier Defence Mask is essentially one of the safest masks available anywhere and is available to both the healthcare industry as well as the general public.